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Mental TP For A Shi**y Day

My mental stamina is critical to my success. The more I allow negative things to get to me, the less mental energy I’ll have to meet the days challenges. Preventing that daily burnout is just part of the job.

Being a career salesperson, it’s not rare that negative things tend to occur in rapid succession on the verge of spiraling out of control. It starts with a bad phone call. Then it’s a rejection from your prospect. Suddenly a customer’s in jeopardy and everyone in the world hates you.

You’re having a sh***y day and are barely surviving.

Here’s mental TP to prevent you from letting a bad phone call ruin a good day.

Awareness & Acceptance

When you’re disturbed and frustrated, have awareness of what’s really going on. Rather than blame people or things, accept the fact that the problem may just be you. Know that it’s OK and we’re all allowed to have an off day.

When you blame other people or things for your circumstances, you give up any power you have over them. By taking responsibility for the fact that you’re disturbed, you now own your frustrations and can begin to address them.

Have a plan and take action

As an independent sales consultant, I struggle daily with all the same doubts and fears that any other salesperson does. Negative thoughts are powerful and can add up quickly if you let them. On my best days, they seep in. On my worst days, they can consume me.

To overcome this, my whole morning is one pre-determined step at a time. On the days I just want to phone it in, I’m still getting it in. One task at a time. One email. One phone call. A pattern of continuous action always overcomes a pattern of negative thoughts.

Get out of self

Since you are the problem, stop focusing on yourself. Find a way to help someone. Provide some extra coaching. Help a team member work through a problem. Offer someone a ride. Buy someone lunch. Offer to sweep the floor. It doesn’t matter – as long as you turn your focus positively on other people.

Just ask yourself this question, “How can I interact with someone else right now so that THEY are better off?”

Call a customer

On those tough days when nothing is going your way, recall one of your successes. Call your best customer. Ask them why they bought from you in the first place. Remember that what you do matters and that you’ve been successful in helping people.

This is another way of saying: Remember your WHY.

By remembering that what you do provides value and has meaning, it helps to take pride in your work and build confidence in your skill to overcome those tough days.

Hit reset and keep moving forward

You can restart your day as many times as you need to. Take a breath. Take a walk. Take a drive. Get a coffee. Treat this mornings frustrations as yesterdays news and start over.

Typically when asked to describe a bad day, someone needs to list off a number of disappointments and frustrations. When asked to describe a good day, someone only need list one win. Keep moving forward until you get it. #Gostride

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