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You can admit this sucks – and still be positive

As this crisis continues, do you find yourself struggling to stay focused longer into the day?

Are you becoming more irritable?

Are you more frightened?

Are you burning out?

It’s OK.

It’s to admit you’re tired. Everyone is fatigued. Everyone is fighting burnout. You don’t have to pretend to ignore it. You just have to accept it and keep moving forward anyways.

I work from home already. My four walls haven’t changed from what they were a month ago. So why do they seem to be getting closer?

Just carrying the burden of pretending everything is OK can be exhausting.

Canceling my wedding, my honeymoon, and my obstacle course races was discouraging. Without them to look forward to, I began to feel claustrophobic.

Just into my second year as a sales consultant, even the slightest ripple of doubt can cause waves of anxiety – and there are always ripples.

The last few weeks I chose not to post a Blog and to focus on other parts of my business. I told myself that no one would be focused on sales content and to just wait. That was a poor excuse for how to manage myself during a difficult time.

It was OK to be doubtful whether anyone would read it. It was not OK not to write it.

Uncertain times like this can make even subtle frustrations make it hard to stay positive and motivated.

It’s ok to be frustrated that your efforts may be fruitless. It’s not ok not to do the work.

It’s ok to be scared about money, it’s not ok to not do your best to earn it.

The most difficult challenge in an Ultra Obstacle Course Race isn’t the 50k distance, the 70 obstacles or even the crazy terrain. It’s the Transition area. After completing the first lap, racers refuel and change gear before heading back out onto the course.

You are tired. You are hurting. You’ve already taken some hits and now you must go back out for another 15 miles and 35 obstacles. You’re afraid it’s going to hurt. You’re afraid you might fail. You know the only way through is to embrace the suck.

“Embracing the suck” doesn’t mean ignoring it, though.

Remaining positive doesn’t mean being ignorant or naïve. Keeping a positive outlook means that you believe everything will work out in the end – even if it sucks right now.

Nelson Mandela said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

Be courageous enough to admit to yourself when you’re mentally and emotionally fatigued. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It’s OK to not be at your best. It’s not OK to not do your best. #gostride

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